Refund/Return Policy


Sahara Sam's Oasis's Indoor & Outdoor Water Park Membership Terms and Conditions

There are inherent risks in the participation in or on any amusement ride, device or attractions. The users of an amusement ride, device or attraction, by participation, accept the risks inherent in such participation of which the ordinary prudent person is or should be aware. Patrons have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while using the amusement ride, device or attraction and to obey all oral or written warnings, or both, prior to and during participation. Patrons have a duty to refrain from participating in or on any amusement ride, device or attraction when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Patrons have a duty to properly use all ride or device safety equipment provided.

Caution - Some or all of our rides or amusements may not be suitable for patrons with heart conditions or neck or back problems or pregnant women. Please know your limitations. If you choose to participate, you do so at your own risk.

By purchasing a ticket or membership from Sahara Sam's Oasis Indoor Water Park, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

"I understand that there are inherent and other risks associated with using the recreational facilities located at Sahara Sam's Oasis Indoor& Outdoor Water Park. I agree and understand that using these facilities may cause injuries, sometimes serious or even fatal, to myself and/or others. In consideration of using the facilities, I agree to accept these risks and agree not to bring an action against Sahara Sam's Oasis Indoor& Outdoor Water Park, its affiliates, employees or agents, if I am hurt while using their facilities. I agree that all disputes arising under this contract and/or from my use of the facilities at Sahara Sam's Oasis Indoor& Outdoor Water Park shall be litigated exclusively in the Camden County Law Division or in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey (Camden Vicinage)." The purchaser or user of this ticket voluntarily assumes the risk of injury while participating in activities at this facility.

On occasion, Sahara Sam's Oasis may be closed for routine scheduled maintenance, facility upgrades, and private events. We will do our best to notify our guests of the dates in which we will be closed. Membership holders and the general public will not have access to the facility on these scheduled dates. While we will make every attempt to alert our guests in advance, operating dates and times may change without notice.

A patron may purchase and present a valid full-day admission ticket to gain entry to the facility or a membership card. Lost membership cards can be replaced at Sahara Sam's Oasis Admissions Counter for a fee of $5.00 with proper guest identification. All annual membership passes are based on a 365 day entry period, initiating from the day in which the pass has activated in person. Memberships are not transferable, interchangeable, or refundable for any reason. Only Business Memberships may be transferred and utilized between other employees, clients, friends, or family. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or group leader.

Members are required to get their photo taken on their first visit to the park. Photos will be taken at the Admissions desk upon arrival before receiving an admissions wristband. Business memberships will not require a photo ID however they will still need to be scanned to receive an entry wristband.

Management reserves the right to modify at any time programs or specials that have been running or have been announced to run.

Membership passes include entry to Sahara Sam’s Oasis and utilization of the facility. Membership Pass EXCLUDES entry to special events unless advertised by Sahara Sam's as members invited to participate. Membership Pass excludes entry to these specific events (Breakfast with Santa and Midnight at the Oasis, (New Year’s Eve). Special Events that include buffets will require additional purchase for buffet option and will be advertised to members. Towels are not provided by Sahara Sam's for utilization. Options such as stand up surfing, clinics, special instructions or lessons are EXCLUDED from memberships and require additional purchase. Use of game room, food purchases, and parties all require a fee and are not included in memberships or daily entry ticket. Members are entitled to receive a 5% discount on booked events and birthday parties.

Sahara Sam’s Oasis reserves the right to adjust the operating schedule and may be closed on certain days or open at a later time the consumer understands this in advance of their purchase and refunds or credits will not be issued for failure to reading these terms. Sahara Sam’s on slower operational days may have certain aquatic rides rotated on schedules with opening and closing of rides. In addition Sahara Sam’s Oasis may be closed for routine maintenance; management will do the best they can to notify all members however Sahara Sam’s cannot be held accountable for failure to reach all parties.

Certain rides at Sahara Sam’s Oasis have height restrictions posted at the entry to the rides, admissions counter, and on the website. It is important to read these in advance of your purchase to insure you understand any limitations a member or daily ticket holder may encounter. Failure to read these in advance will not constitute a refund.

Memberships to Sahara Sam’s require receiving a bar coded wristband at every visit from the admissions desk. On peak holidays, breaks, or special events Sahara Sam’s Oasis can be busy and we do not guarantee every member holder a table and chair will be available for placement of towels or seating. We will do our best to accommodate requests but make no guarantees. Sahara Sam's Oasis is a capacity based facility as such we operate on a first come first serve basis to every member and daily ticket holder. We do not accept reservations and do not guarantee entry on a specific date unless an event has been scheduled for members only and advertised as such an event.

Sahara Sam’s Oasis is offering these memberships for a second time therefore prior membership holders may have several other features which are no longer offered and not part of this offering.

Locker rental is not free and are available for daily rental, members and daily entry ticket holders are encouraged to purchase these to secure belongings. Sahara Sam’s is not responsible for any lost or stolen items if a locker is not purchased.

Management reserves the right to modify at any time programs or specials that have been running or have been announced to run.

Sahara Sam's Oasis reserves the right to revoke without refund or compensation any membership that has been used fraudulently. Guests that do not follow posted safety and security rules posted within the facility may be asked to leave and may lose their right to future entry. Refunds of any kind are not permitted; equipment failure on a specific water attraction does not constitute a refund requirement from Sahara Sam's Oasis.